No Amazon, No Walmart

Virtual Storefronts features only locally-owned non-franchise businesses in The Local Search Engine. Every national franchise and e-commerce giant can keep dominating search results on

Google Can’t

Page 1 on Google today can turn into Page 3 whenever Google wants money. Virtual Storefronts know a lot more about your products, services and brands than Google and we guarantee you are a #1 result with a fixed formula. Google offers you no guarantee unless you keep paying.

One And Done

Busy merchants don’t have time for needy technology. But Facebook, Google, Shopify, Yelp and other tech ‘solutions’ demand your time without asking for it. Technology should work for you. After setup, Virtual Storefronts work while you sleep, with no ratings or reviews.

Your Shop Is The #1 Search Result For Everyone Around You

VS Merchant Storefront Annotated

It’s Not Just A Business, It’s Your Culture

Local Merchants are V.I.P.’s who make our communities economically possible. But Big Tech treats independent merchants and shops like third rate netizens who are left to claw for attention; pay outrageous advertising and commission fees; or learn to code their way into public view.

Like a good suit, Virtual Storefronts shine a spotlight on you and your business, not our technology. Storefronts put local merchants front and center, giving merchants the prominence your local business deserves with a Storefront profile that’s completely awesome. In a single page that loads fast on mobile and laptop, everyone can see the unique benefits of your locally-owned shop at a glance.

Shoppers Search For What They Want Just Like Amazon And

The Local Search Engine gives shoppers both a way to choose to shop locally and find products the way we find products online. But instead of finding products in an Amazon warehouse or at the e-commerce and chain store search results on, The Local Search Engine gives the shopper clear results with no mystery, no games, and no gimmicks.

We treat every shop equally, and no one can pay to cut in line.

The Local Search Engine tells the shopper the local business that’s first, second, third, and so on, closest to them that has the product, service and brands they are looking for. It’s really that simple, not some guessing game that changes the rules every 4 months with a corporate press release.

Virtual Storefronts Search View

“Easily Worth $100”

“Finding a way to reach the local audience has been our biggest advertising challenge. I see great potential to reach my local audience with The Local Search Engine. Our profile is easily worth $100 for a year.”

– Tommy Rowdeck, Hoppy Trout Brewing Company

We solve our customer’s website problem because your storefront isn’t just a search result, it’s a mini-website: “Now I know why I was procrastinating about getting a website for my business.”

Timi Conley, Curiosity Shop Books and Gifts

We’re defending Main Street and our merchants appreciate it: “You’re trying to keep the little guy alive, because we’re the ones keeping America going. I love it!”

Sandra Daley, Appalachian Mountain And Lake Properties

Local Merchants Love Working with VS: “I think it’s going to be fun to work with [Tobin] because you’re likable and funny. You’re really into what you’re doing.”

Jan Dockery, Jan’s Needful Things

Technology By USpace

Our Mission: Solve Problems, Protect People

Virtual Storefronts™ protect the privacy of everyone who uses it. Storefronts are the second product built on the USpace® privacy, security and safety network. USpace is an independent technology company based Atlanta, Georgia.