“Raining Dollars” Has An Inspiring Backstory

VS Raining Dollars Detail View Of Deep Inventory

I call this image “Raining Dollars.” After a few comments from the Original Post, I sense it could use a little (read a lot) more explanation. Here it is:

This is what it’s about: It’s a detail view of a diagram showing how local businesses work together on Virtual Storefronts to create deep searchable inventory for the shopper that competes with big box Walmart and ecommerce Amazon etc. 

Each business has a unique set of keywords on their Storefront Profile. They work together to build the local inventory people want. Virtual Storefronts compiles all that information and makes it incredibly easy for shoppers to access.

Local shoppers using The Local Search Engine find more of what they need locally because The Local Search engine then connects them to the relevant local shop that has what they are looking for. 

Because The Local Search Engine accommodates the shopping habits of the modern online shoppers, dollars are freed up to flow directly to that shop from local shoppers who want to support that shop but currently do not have the right tools to find out what is available locally.


The “Dollars” part of the image is also a reference to the fact that if $ dollars remains in the community at a big box store $$$$$$+ dollars remain in the community when shoppers buy locally.

Yes, many of us have a habit of looking on Amazon for our favorite Seventh Generation products – there’s no shame in that – Amazon operates the way we shop in 2021. 

But in a short time you will be able to discover Seventh Generation products are sold right in Murphy at Blue Moon Elise – giving you the _option_ to go to that store and buy it or pick it up curbside. 

This simple change from Walmart to Blue Moon Elise means if Walmart generates $ for the local economy, then over $$$$$$ is generated for the community you live in when you spend money at Blue Moon Elise. 


Compared to Amazon’s $ that stays local, about:


stays in the Cherokee County community when you make your Seventh Generation purchase at Blue Moon Elise.

The Local Search Engine is simply designed to bring a tool to the shopping public that makes it easy to shop this way. 

“Raining Dollars” is a detail of an original graphic called “Deep Inventory” (featured on our Home Page) and it shows how The Local Search Engine competes with 1980’s big box ‘category killers’ and 2010’s e-commerce giants, paving the way for a prosperous 2020’s among local businesses.